Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well Its been a while since the last post!

Healing up pretty good. Feeling much better and starting to get things done. Arbutus Arts Festival was good for us and has generated a lot of interest in the shop. Still don't have enough stock to open the webstore but we are working on it. Getting ready to build the backdrops for Woodcarving Ilustrated Hillbilly reunion carving and this should be fun.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Are not going to believe this!

Anna has said in the past that my only good luck is living through the bad luck!
Well I did it again. Retired on Wednesday kicked back a little on Thursday and got a ride in the big red wagon on Good Friday. Got out of bed and took a couple of steps and found myself breathing real heavy. Sat On the edge of the bed and tried to get my breathing under control. Anna helped me get dressed and we were going to head for the hospital. I made it half way down our stairs and sat down before I passed out. Could not breath and had floaters in front of my eyes. Told Anna to call 911 as I was trying not to pass out. I remember bits and pieces of being in the ambulance. Well the diagnosis was multiple pulmonary embolisms. One in each lung and a blood clot behind my left knee. Put me on a lot of medications and blood thinners. Easter Sunday they put in a filter. Was told I was very lucky by the Doctors at the hospital and by my primary care doctor. I am home now with an O2 bottle in tow and resting. They say a lot of people go quick after retiring, maybe I beat it, Just going to kick back for a bit and try this retirement thing again in a week or two.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Retired Today

Today at 5:45 pm est. I ended my industrial career. It's been a hard long road. I have worked jobs that I make sure I kiss my wife in the morning because I was not 100% sure I would make it home. Why do we do it you may ask? If it was not for us older American workers your steel mills would not be what they are today. Railroad and dock workers would not move equipment and materials to have the appliances and vehicles we drive today. I have been an industrial electrician for 37 years. I have worked steel mills, rock quarries, bottling industry, Nasa, and towards the end bakeries and have done high steel construction during the times I was laid off. I earned a journeyman certificate with The Ibew with out going thru their apprenticeship and now teach for them in the evenings. Never went to an accredited college. I Got my degree from BKU (busted knuckle university). My degree is my body My degree is written in shoulders that are riveted together. One artificial knee that I have worn out and needs to be worked on again. The other knee is worn out and I am trying to keep my God Given knee as long as I possibly can. Fingers are twisted from being broken numerous times and the bridge inside my nose fell out recently from what the docs are saying being broken to many times, I just thought they were just nose bleeds!!! Three years ago I took on the Task of electrical build for a bakery that was being built from the ground up. Half way thru the mechanical engineer was fired. I was asked to step up and finish the project and an increase in wages and I was working toward settling down and running the maintenance department once we were running. We had been running for a year now and there was no sign of a promotion. There is a new engineer at our plant, a right young man, he’s making good money and is now running the shop. Ironically someone states I wish he had the experience I have. I think ” No Son, You really don’t, you wouldn’t want to pay the price.” I sit here writing this evening as I am looking at a clock with a reriement plaque and a couple of gift certificates wondering rather it was all worth it. I worked hard for the American Dream and I sit here reading MADE IN CHINA on the side of the box that the clock was in. As I type I can’t shake a weird feeling I am having. What has become of older American workers.
Tomorrow I apply for disability. I paid In all my working career. It is mine! If I listen to the majority I will have to fight for it. And fight I will, even if it kills me.
What has happened to the Older American Worker.
Retire in Peace

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Time Is Getting CLoser

March 31st is closing in fast. It will be the last day of my Industrial career. It will also be the day that I start the application for total disability. I no longer own Goodys Decoys & Folkart. Anna now owns Goodys Folkart LLC, she's both exited and nervous but I am sure she will do fine. Looks like i will have a lot more time to carve and rest instead of pushing this worn out body past its limits.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting the Website Ready

Working on the new website. Got the E-commerce Part working finally. Working on photogaphing the items that will be for sale.
Visit our Existing Website at