Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Are not going to believe this!

Anna has said in the past that my only good luck is living through the bad luck!
Well I did it again. Retired on Wednesday kicked back a little on Thursday and got a ride in the big red wagon on Good Friday. Got out of bed and took a couple of steps and found myself breathing real heavy. Sat On the edge of the bed and tried to get my breathing under control. Anna helped me get dressed and we were going to head for the hospital. I made it half way down our stairs and sat down before I passed out. Could not breath and had floaters in front of my eyes. Told Anna to call 911 as I was trying not to pass out. I remember bits and pieces of being in the ambulance. Well the diagnosis was multiple pulmonary embolisms. One in each lung and a blood clot behind my left knee. Put me on a lot of medications and blood thinners. Easter Sunday they put in a filter. Was told I was very lucky by the Doctors at the hospital and by my primary care doctor. I am home now with an O2 bottle in tow and resting. They say a lot of people go quick after retiring, maybe I beat it, Just going to kick back for a bit and try this retirement thing again in a week or two.

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  1. We're all getting older and frailer. For what its worth I believe its the attitude that can the deciding factor. Right or wrong a speedy recovery and learn to shift down a gear to enjoy retirement.